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Reverse all 3 types of “rockiness” problems naturally at home, in your own shower, and restore the good, strong boners you remember…


Hey, it’s Matt Cook here, and you’ve been hearing me rave about this new Shower Method for days now…

And I have good reason to — this Shower Method has the power to reverse all 3 types of “rockiness” problems naturally.

That means if you’ve been suffering from:

  1. Not getting hard
  2. Going soft during intercourse
  3. Or coming too fast

Or maybe you’ve been dealing with all 3 at once like me, the Cookster…

…you can now finally restore the good, strong boners you remember from better days, no matter how long it’s been.

The Shower Method works by repairing the brain-penile connection.

Basically, when you want to have sex, your brain should give the orders to your member…

…and your member should obey and be ready for action almost instantly…

But what happens is, over time, the brain-penile connection gets weaker.

This is due to sexual triggers in our environment that trick the brain into thinking its sexy time when it isn’t.

By using the super simple Shower Method, you are strengthening the brain-penile connection and reversing this wear and tear that’s happened over the years.

So now your brain and penis are in constant communication — and YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Now when you want to get stiff, you get stiff just like that.

And when you want to last 30 minutes, you can last 30 minutes.

And when you are ready to come, you come — but only when you’re good and ready.

That’s the power of this Shower Method. And it feels really good too!

Here’s what other men are saying about the Shower Method:

Jonathan from Florida recently emailed me…

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And JE wrote…

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I shared this method in an email and another guy wrote back…

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And there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the next great success story…

In fact, you can start using the Shower Method for free — click here.

Just remember that I’m limited to only giving this out to the first 100 men who claim it.

So if you wait on this, you could miss out and I would hate for that to happen.

This offer expires Sunday, but I believe it will probably finish sooner since men are already lining up to get the Shower Method for free.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you! Try my new Shower Method for free right here.

And if you’re still not quite convinced, here’s a look at all the benefits you will experience using the Shower Method…

  • Reverse all 3 types of “rockiness” problems at once, for good, with one simple method
    • This shower method reverses desensitization — the real cause of ED in men. So if pills, pumps, surgeries, or supplements haven’t worked for you, it’s because they don’t do anything about desensitization!
    • With the shower method, you’re naturally reversing desensitization while restoring sensitivity and pleasure BACK into your member. And this starts working right away, with results you will see AND feel…
  • Get harder, stronger “rockiness” more regularly
    • When you use the shower method, the result is harder, stronger, more powerful boners that continue to strengthen day by day.
    • In fact, the more you use the shower method, the better things get!
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  • Last longer in bed…
    • Using the shower method repairs the brain-penile connection, giving you more control over your own “rockiness” and climax… now YOU are in control of when you come…
    • …and tell me, what woman doesn’t want that?! Men who use this method regularly last 30 minutes or more every time.
  • Restore teenage-like stamina…
    • The more you use this shower method, the more stamina you’ll have. It works a bit like weightlifting — increasing your “lasting power” a little bit more each time you do it.
    • And increased stamina means better performance on your end. You’ll be able to satisfy her completely, and then some!
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  • Boost your confidence, both in bed and out…
    • Knowing you can perform anytime, anywhere gives you a sense of confidence you didn’t know you were missing. Your friends are even noticing the change in you, and dying to know your secret. But it’s up to you if you tell them or not!
    • And for single men, having the shower method in your arsenal makes you bulletproof with women. You can give them exactly what they crave, and they can sense it when you walk in the room…
  • Add decades of satisfying sex to your life
    • The greatest thing about this new method is how often you can use it. It’s safe, natural, and can’t hurt you in any way. So you can use this as long as you need, as long as you want to!
    • Men in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s are using this simple shower method to keep enjoying an active sex life until their last day on Earth! Why not join them?
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Use this super simple Shower Method to reverse all 3 types of “rockiness” and more…


–Matt Cook



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