Making out for an hour

“This is the best first date I’ve ever been on… and it led to sex right away!”

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and this is the sort of thing I’m hearing from men who are trying Fully Clothed Foreplay for the first time…

“So I met this girl on Hinge and we went on our first date a couple days ago.

We get drinks and click right away.

The attraction is there from both of us immediately and we quickly find out we are both quite affectionate people…

After about an hour of making out, we decide to go back to her place.

We both have a great time and have been talking nonstop since.

We can’t wait to see each other again.

Neither of us have ever done that before but we both feel good about it, especially her!

And now we’re already meeting up again tomorrow…”

Here’s the fully clothed foreplay method that lets you skip the boring stuff and get right to the fun naughty stuff (and women love it)


–Matt Cook