Last chance to get my Flu and Virus Protocol for free

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There’s just a handful of men who will still get it for free — hopefully you’re one of them!


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been using my very own super powerful and protective Flu and Virus Protocol to keep me and my loved ones healthy in these trying times.

And in fact, right now, you can get my Flu and Virus Protocol for free — the only problem is it’s going away in just a few hours (or sooner)…

…and may or may not ever come back.

Get the Matt Cook Flu and Virus Protocol for free before it’s too late


–Matt Cook

P.S. If you need a quick catch up…

My publisher just gave me the green light to share my new Flu and Virus Protocol with you for FREE!

Now, if you are following the news, you know that Pfizer and others have supposedly announced a super good vaccine against the virus…

…but if you are like me, you are deeply suspicious of this vaccine and want to wait and see before getting it.

That’s why I do love my Flu and Virus Protocol.

This is my very own protocol I’m following to boost my immune system and naturally resist flus and viruses.

And the best part is that I’m using simple over-the-counter remedies and natural supplements that you can get at any grocery store.

So here’s how it works…

Remember the cytokines I told you about on Monday?

Cytokines are inflammatory chemicals that are meant to help the body fight off an invading pathogen.

But sometimes these cytokines become dangerous… and they cause more harm than good!

If too many cytokines flood the body, it causes what is called a cytokine storm.

And this cytokine storm is what eventually makes you sick with all the symptoms:

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So my protocol works by helping the body control the cytokine response.

It fights the actual CAUSE of sickness — which is not the virus, but the cytokines the body secretes when it senses the virus.

Think of it like a bee sting when someone is allergic to bees…

If a bee stings them, their body shuts down their breathing passages.

They don’t die from the bee sting — they die from their body’s reaction to the bee sting.

And this is how cytokines work when our body is trying to resist a flu or virus.

Cytokines are what can kill us — but if you can control the cytokines, your body can fight off the virus with less severity than a common cold!

That’s why I’m using my Flu and Virus Protocol that I believe is helping me in 2 distinct ways:

  1. Helping my body naturally resist viruses on its own by boosting immunities


  1. Counteracting the cytokines that are responsible for terrible symptoms and even death

I like to think of the Flu & Virus Protocol like a limiter on my car engine.

The limiter won’t let me rev the engine so high that it breaks the engine…

Well, same thing with my Protocol.

I believe it will rev up my immunity — but that it won’t let my immunity get so get out of hand that it kills me with the dreaded cytokine storm.

Really, it’s like installing a special defense system for the body’s immunities!

Because there is no cure, no vaccine, no magic pill… every person who gets a virus must rely upon his or her own defenses to get well.

And even if there is a “vaccine” for viruses, like the flu vaccine, as you know now, it is no sure thing…

Remember: The only way to recover from most viral illness is with your own body fighting it off and restoring you to health.

So with my flu & virus protocol, I’ve been using simple, safe supplements to naturally boost my body’s defenses.

Then I can prevent the cytokine storm that weakens so many people and leads to hospitalizations and even deaths.

And this is a way to make your own luck!

Instead of waiting around, worrying about whether you get sick or not…

So if somebody comes into the office not feeling well, or one of the kids carries a bug home from school — you don’t have to worry about catching it next.

Because the way I’m using supplements and OTC medications is so unique, and it really works in helping to bolster the body’s natural immunities…

I believe it’s working so well that I never have to worry about catching a virus or the flu again.

And if I do get exposed to an illness, my body can fight it off quicker without triggering the dangerous cytokine storm that kills so many people.

I really believe this is something everyone needs to see, especially the elderly and immuno-compromised.

That’s why my Flu and Virus Protocol is FREE for you today.

But my publisher has of course put yet another limit on this offer…

This time, only the first 100 men can get my Flu and Virus Protocol for free.

So please don’t wait around to jump on this — I think it can really help you.

And the faster, the better, right?

Discover more about my Flu and Virus Protocol here and how to get it for free right now.