Kourtney Kardashian’s weird sex practice

Did you see this?

Hey, Matt Cook here, and my wife, Jodi, shows me this headline the other day…

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And we both share a private little smile between the two of us…

Because my wife and I know firsthand about the benefits that come with foregoing orgasms…

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In fact, Jodi and I are intimate everyday or every other day, and we are feeling pleasure that lasts for hours.

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Not just for a few moments or a few seconds at the end.

This is pleasure for hours. As long as you want to go!

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Men who are struggling with their rockiness, men feeling low drive…

And it unlocks a whole new world of pleasurable sexual feelings that you didn’t even know existed.

And trust me, women LOVE this. What’s not to love?

It lets a guy last for hours if he wants! And what women isn’t into that?

Give Pleasure Centering a try — here’s more about how it works and some of the incredible benefits I haven’t even mentioned yet…


–Matt Cook