I’m mad she tore my clothes off

Partial view of woman sitting on counter and undressing man in kitchen

Can we make this an everyday occurrence?


Hey, Matt Cook here, and one of the most important things in life is to spend a lot of time inside your woman.

Women and men need and crave that connection that two people form in bed.

And what’s really cool is when she appreciates your muscles and your body. You can be on top of her, deep inside her…

…you are looking into her eyes…

…and she’s fondling your biceps or the muscles on your back…

This can happen whether you’re 20 or 80. It just depends upon how much muscle you’ve built.

And muscles are created in men who have high testosterone — whether they work out or not.

You’re not going to be Mr. Universe if you don’t work out of course — but you can have hard packed muscle.

The key to it is to have a youthful and HOT metabolism.

My Thermo 3 turns on your youth metabolism — burning off harmful fat while also increasing T and building muscle.

Whether you work out or not.

You don’t have to count calories or skip meals or cut carbs.

The magic is in Thermo 3 and a few sensible and easy adjustments to what you are eating.

I think you and your lady friend or wife will love Thermo 3 and its powerful effect on you — from your muscles to your male member…

‘Cause the other night, I go to step out of the shower and am immediately met with the beautiful sight of my wife, half naked.

And I’m only looking at her for maybe 5 seconds, admiring the view, before I feel something…

So I look down — and amazingly, I’m sporting a rigid one that I could hang my towel on!

This hasn’t happened in months, and even my wife is staring at my throbbing member in surprise.

And she gets so turned on seeing me there, thinner, more muscular, sporting this towel hanger…

…she tears off the rest of her clothes until we’re both naked, and then we start kissing like we haven’t kissed in years.

Somehow we make it into the bedroom, and we have sex for over an hour.

I’m so rocky and I’m able to last so long, and I know it’s because of my own unique “Thermo 3”


–Matt Cook