How to be ready for intercourse now

Forget words, this is all you need

Hey, Matt Cook here, check this out — this story comes from some of my students who have had a similar experience…

“I’m standing on stage in front of 350 people, giving a speech on my new invention…

And I’m nervous, so I’m trying not to look directly at anyone in the crowd or meet anyone’s eyes…

But then it happens… I lock eyes with the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, sitting right in the front row.

I immediately stumble over my words, losing my train of thought and getting confused with my cue cards.

And she is just smiling at me, knowing very well the effect she is having on me.

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And as soon as the conference is over, there we are in my hotel room getting it on!

And nothing like this has happened to me, maybe ever.

Usually, I’d be doubting myself and worrying about performing… I wouldn’t even get to the good parts before I’d self sabotage…

But now, thanks to this unusual practice, I’m able to have intercourse anytime I want.

It’s guaranteed intimacy, no matter what. No matter how long it’s been.

And it’s helping me stay ready all the time, for these kinds of moments…”

Here’s the unusual practice that leads to can’t-fail intimacy


–Matt Cook