Better than blood flow – this is what men need for more size

This triggers the release of natural growth chemicals down there


Hey, Matt Cook here, and most men know that the biggest problem we’re facing as we get older is one of insufficient blood flow.

But what does that mean?

Good blood flow happens because of blood vessels that are clear and flexible.

As men get older, their blood vessels get narrower and stiffer and clog up…

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And this bad blood flow is a big problem when it comes to our rockiness…

Because when blood flow is bad, men tend to diminish in both size and function.

…or at least that’s what men think is the main problem.

But I’ve actually discovered something else…

Something that’s completely changing how men are treating and fixing their poor performance…

Because I’ve discovered something that is hugely important to good male health…

Way more important than clogging and plaque and poor flexibility.

What I’ve found is that the real issue is actually one of poor muscle tone!

Yep, it turns out that every blood vessel is actually surrounded by a type of muscle called smooth muscle.

And in men who have poor male performance or even no performance, their smooth muscle is very poor and very weak.

They have very poor, very weak masculine muscles. Just like if they had weak biceps and couldn’t lift heavy weights.

And smooth muscle isn’t like skeletal muscle, such as biceps or glutes…

No, smooth muscle is different.

Smooth muscle is actually 2 to 3 times MORE powerful than skeletal muscle.

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And it turns out that if you can get the smooth muscle stimulated, then effects start to happen…effects like additional blood flow to below the belt… 

And even better than additional blood flow, effects like the blood vessels actually sprouting NEW vessels in a very special process….

This special process that stimulates better blood flow and additional blood vessels is a discovery that’s the key to my entire method…

This special process is a powerful phenomenon called mechano-transduction.

Mechano-transduction is the use of simple exercises that trigger the release of a cascade of growth chemicals such as VEGF, TNF-alpha, and cytokines…

This cascade of growth chemicals then produces major improvements in the smooth muscle tone, and in blood flow and new blood vessel growth.

So what if you could work out these powerful smooth muscles down there, stimulating them to trigger the release of these growth chemicals…

…while also enjoying yourself at the same time?

That’s just what I’ve discovered — I’ve found simple and pleasurable activities that let men work out the smooth muscle down there…

Work out as if they are lifting weights…

…but it’s not lifting weights, it’s something else, simple activities that are incredibly pleasurable and that quickly increase a man’s smooth muscle.

With mechano-transduction, these simple activities are stimulating the building of new blood vessels and new tissues.

The activities I’ve created will help virtually any man regain function by building the smooth muscle down there.

And you can try these activities as soon as tonight — just go here


–Matt Cook