Best congress with my wife ever

From 3 minute man to marathon man

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and here’s what some of my Guinea Pigs have to say about this brand new method… they’ve been trying it out for me…

Last 30 minutes easily without the worries

“Your site and programs changed my life.

I do take at night natural supplements you recommend, and I am very potent in the early mornings, and combining it with your other advice made a major change in my sex life…

…I am not worried anymore if I enter soft — it’s always good now and gets rocky and I last now for 30 minutes easily, without the worries of getting rocky or not.

Being married for 37 years now, we again have desire and it also cuts the complaints and nudging-exactly as you explained.

Life is good now.”


Lasted over 30 minutes

“Hello, Matt, I have done very little of your program but even that little bit works.

I lasted for over thirty minutes without any ending. When I grew too tired, I gave her the best by hand she has had in a long time.

Thanks, Matt. After 45 years together, we will still be enjoying it.”


Best sex with my wife ever

“After only 5 days I had the best sex experience together with my wife ever.

I was more rocky and could stay inside her longer, and my confidence was so much higher.

She became so satisfied and asked me what kind of pills I had started to take.

So thanks a lot, I feel I’m becoming a new, stronger and much more happy man.”


I noticed a definite improvement

“I had problems with getting rocky and staying rocky during sex.

I thought about getting a prescription for rockiness treatments but do not like the idea of taking tablets.

I found out about Matt Cook’s material — at first, I was skeptical because I had never heard of Matt before.

Started using his program and morning wood has become more consistent and persistent.

There were plateaus and dry periods, but I noticed a definite improvement compared with before I started using Matt’s course.

Even my low energy issues seemed to be improving. I’d recommend it to men who have similar problems.”

–R. L.

Used your course to produce better rockiness and to last longer in bed

“Having rockiness issues…Used your course to produce better rockiness and to last longer in bed.

Would highly recommend for any man having rockiness issues who either doesn’t want to take them or the treatments have not worked.”


Every AM, rock stiff

“Initially I had morning wood off and on, not consistently, but ok.

For the last 3 mornings, morning wood every am, rock stiff.

This morning I rode it out solo for 22 minutes and the only reason I lost it was I started thinking about work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Here’s what these men are doing to last longer and have the best sexual experiences of their lives


–Matt Cook