Bernie Sanders has a medical secret they aren’t telling you

Doctors talking in an hospital

Their campaign has been trying to keep this hush-hush…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and let me say how much I despise Bernie Sanders’ socialism.

It is despicable and I am sorry that Americans support him.

But even I have to admire his energy at age 78.

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The guy tours the country nonstop, yelling at thousands of young people every day, and he never seems tired…

You have to admit that he’s doing something right…

…with his health, that is!

He even had stents put in after a heart attack…and he’s back the same as before.

And now I’ve finally discovered exactly what it is Bernie Sanders is doing to stay healthy and full of energy, even after his heart attack…

In fact, other celebrities and rich politicians have been doing this for years.

But now for the first time, normal men like you and me can do it too — discover the secret here… 


–Matt Cook