After 30 years, I feel that it’s okay for me to disclose this

Today I’m revealing the secret to getting bigger down there

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Hey, it’s Matt Cook, and if you touch your male member and try to feel where it goes inside your body…

…you’ll notice that the male member goes all the way between your legs — that the “root” of the male member can be easily felt behind your balls.

In fact, this is what an old friend told me, when he revealed the secret to getting bigger down there…

He said that every man has a lot of his member inside the body that can be outside the body with the proper massage.

And the member can expand a little lengthwise and also become fatter with this “exercise.”

Why did I believe him?

Because he himself had a member that was impossible to hide – it was always visible, even with loose pants you could still see it…

But as my friend revealed, it wasn’t always that way for him…

In fact, he went from being very small to being “larger than life” down there using the same secret.

And so, out of respect for my friend I held this secret for almost 30 years…

…but I recently discovered he’s been convicted by a Federal court of smuggling…

So I’ve decided that 3 decades is enough time to hold onto a secret like this — I think men have a right to know!

Here’s the the secret to getting bigger down there


–Matt Cook

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