1 couple’s secret to having the best intercourse ever

And they’re 70 years old!

Hey, Matt Cook here, and this newlywed couple is having the best sex of their life…

Every day, sometimes twice a day…

And they’re 70 years old!

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Cynthia, age 70:

“I know that Jim’s going to satisfy me. Jim’s always in the mood…

Sometimes the only reason we stop is because we can’t move anymore.

It’s the most satisfying sex of my life!

There’s no reason not to enjoy sex when you’re older…”

James, age 69:

“It doesn’t get boring or old. It’s really magical.

And she’s vocal. I wouldn’t want anyone standing outside the door!

I just feel like sex is a gift from God and it would be a waste not to enjoy it.”

Want to know their secret… how they’re having more sex than anyone else they know?

Here’s what Cynthia and James are doing…


–Matt Cook