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| October 22, 2019

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Erectile dysfunction

Transform your diet to eat more safe starch

August 4, 2015 |

Many studies show that safe starches are healthful, but bad starches are harmful.

Safe starches include sweet potatoes, yams, plantains, winter squash (spaghetti squash, acorn squash etc.) and even rice.

Bad starches include corn, wheat, and even quinoa and white … Read More

This Hormone Gets Rid of ED (and you don’t need to buy it)

April 18, 2014 |


Here is an amazing way to avoid anxiety and stress around sex.

The Dopamine track.You know how you’ve heard me discuss the two tracks that we can be on.

And the Oxytocin track.

I’ve talked a lot about the Oxytocin … Read More

Don’t take Cialis or Viagra until you read this

April 18, 2014 |

Don’t take Viagra or Cialis until you read this:

Here’s the simple fix that works better than pills

  I felt like I was the only one… Again and again it happened. 

Do you have any idea how awful it feels to fail and … Read More

These three testosterone secrets saved my marriage

April 18, 2014 |

“These three testosterone tricks  saved  our  marriage”

 This is for you if  they have told you ANY of  these things:

  • It’s stress, you’re just anxious!
  • You need to take these “little blue pills”
  • It’s just the effects of getting older — … Read More