Anti-Spam Policy

We stand against spam. We do not allow any email advertising other than fully CAN SPAM compliant emails to customers and prospects who have previously opted in.

On occasion, we advertise or allow others to advertise our products, services or websites. We call these our “Advertising Partners.”

We do not ever permit any of our Advertising Partners to send spam and/or any non-compliant emails.

In an effort to further ensure compliance by our Advertising Partners, we employ an outside compliance team that monitors emails and checks that spam is not sent out.

If you feel you have gotten a non-compliant email from one of our affiliates or from us, please visit, and submit a complaint. It only takes a moment and we really appreciate it.

We will promptly investigate the issue, and make sure that nobody is sending any unsolicited or non-compliant email.

Complaint Procedure

We and our Advertising Partners are bound, by law, into following these guidelines. If you are sent an unexpected email from a Cal-Message customer, please let us know. Here are steps you can follow:

  • Click on the unsubscribe link in the unexpected email you receive.
  • Contact our support staff and request that we take you off all potential emails from us.
  • Please contact us at so we can investigate and make sure this doesn’t happen again.