Why you hear a ringing in your ears sometimes

man covering ears with fingers

Doesn’t it seem to come out of nowhere?


Hey, Matt Cook here, and have you ever experienced a sudden ringing in your ears?

You can be cooking dinner or working out, or just sitting around watching TV…

And suddenly, all you can hear is a loud uncomfortable ringing noise

It fills up your ears and drowns everything else out.

You’re deaf for at least 30 seconds, sometimes longer.

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And then eventually, the ringing fades away and you can hear again.

Has that ever happened to you?

It was happening to me, more and more often… and I started getting worried about it…

So I looked into this ringing noise and discovered it’s called tinnitus.

And there’s actually something really sinister going on that causes tinnitus in men…

And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your ears and everything to do with your testosterone…

Here’s what I’ve discovered about tinnitus and T — including how to stop ringing ears before it’s too late…


–Matt Cook