Why oxytocin is better than testosterone

It’s the real rockiness hormone for men

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Dr. Magill here, and I’ve discovered a hormone more powerful than serotonin or even testosterone…

It’s called oxytocin and it’s responsible for that addicting, pleasurable feeling you get when you’re intimate with a woman.

And studies show oxytocin is the TRUE hormone that increases rockiness in men:

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So here’s how I’m naturally boosting oxytocin in my body — and my wife is a BIG fan…


–Matt Cook

P.S. Here’s what Matthias recently wrote me:

“Hello Matt! After a decade without sex with a woman, I finally could be together with the woman I met at the last New Year’s Eve party.

I think I wrote you about her. We have been in daily contact on WhatsApp ever since.

Our relationship has been very personal, intimate, emotional, fun, even a little but decently “dirty” at times in our daily chats.

In a nutshell, we met yesterday because she was on holiday here with friends and family.

Everything was as easy as if we had known each other for ages.

And it was so hot and tender at the same time for two hours.

I think it was similar to your concept of nirvana sex.

I have never had such an amazing never ending experience in my whole life, although I know very well how to give pleasure to a woman.

I think I am a good lover and was glad that I could be it without hesitation.

But never before could I enjoy this experience for two hours and we had to end it only because of the group she was traveling with.

All that you have been teaching for years, this “oxytocin”-based merging with a woman, came about without any effort.

And she went crazy twice….OMG..it was wonderful!

I am glad that I, at 73, could feel like a young man and a good lover again with a woman who is 25 years younger than me.

I am very grateful and I thank you too.”

Here’s the secret to experiencing this oxytocin pleasure with a woman (or even by yourself)