Why men are loving this VasMax method

Boosts blood flow and boosts size

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Here’s a bunch of new messages I just got from men using my VasMax method:

After about a week, I am experiencing results!

More visible hanging all the time.

Faster boners on demand.

Goal is to stay rocky for 30 minutes or more.

I started it last week and did it at least three times over the last 7 days.

It does help blood flow so you can grow a stronger boner!

Mine is getting massive and pulsing at almost 47 and I work out at least three times a week to keep my heart strong, so that helps.

I understand this along with the other exercises, over the next few weeks and months it will get rock stiff and strong as a steel pipe!

I’m building a cock just like I built muscle or mental strength! One workout at a time!

Thank you Matt!

With me doing the VasMax exercises, I always wake up with morning wood…

…and often wake up in the middle of the night being awakened with an uncomfortably rocky penis!

I have been working with this protocol for more than a month.

The results are incredible. After starting the protocol for only a week I noticed tremendous EQ improvement.

I am getting morning woods most of the mornings (I am 53 years old).

I have been having success with VasMax since May.

I do the exercises every other day.

My penis is bigger and fatter…boners are good.

It was clear to me right away that Matt was different. He was honest and straightforward.

He had really gone through all the relevant studies and did a tremendous amount of experimentation on himself so he knows what to recommend.

I appreciate that self sacrifice because I know not all experiments go well.

Well I’m combining about three of his techniques from VasMax and I’m already getting sensation down there…

…and boners are happening in the morning and without a lot of effort.

Side benefit: my non-erect penis is so much bigger I don’t recognize it.

This is after about 2 weeks.

I REALLY got into the exercises so I don’t know if it would happen for another person as fast.

But stuff will definitely happen as these are very powerful techniques.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

I’m 65 and can see that soon I will have no problems with getting rocky like an 18 year old again!

I stayed fully stiff for 30 minutes!

I was a little sore by the time I finished, but what good exercise doesn’t make you a little sore when your done?

This will make my wife very happy!

I completed the VaxMax method and am seeing amazing results.

Even showed my wife the exercises so she can do them for me, I think she’s looking forward to doing the hammer.

Only a week and a couple of “workouts” but…damn… this works!

The results have been outstanding.

It seems easier for me doing this in the shower where I can lubricate with the soap lather.

Also the root and penis focus helped a great deal!

After starting to mix in some of your Vascular Maximizer workouts, I can already say my elections are naturally more firm just from a week!

My peyronies seems to also be much less “stiff” as scar tissue goes where it was which is helpful of course as well!

This is the best I have ever felt in the past year as far as confidence, ect.

Thank you so much for the boost in confidence and helpful videos!

I will continue to watch and learn everything else as far as growth and girth opportunity along with everything else you have to offer.

Here’s my VasMax method for men who want better, bigger boners the natural way


–Matt Cook