Why men 45+ keep getting so much attention from women

And it’s mostly young women, in their 20s and 30s…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and it’s never been a better time to be a man over 45.

Right now, us ‘older’ guys have a huge leg up on guys in their 20s and 30s…

So if you’ve been thinking your time to have blissful romantic opportunities is long gone, think again…

Here’s the truth:

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So if most young men are single, and most young women are not…

…who are these young women dating and marrying?

Older men, that’s who!

Women like guys who have it all together… stable, reliable guys who know a thing or two about being with a woman 


“I am getting the attention of younger adult women (like 10-20 years younger), and it seems to keep happening.

I’m not rich really, just middle class, and I drive a boring car.

I consider myself pretty average in lifestyle and appearance.”


“I’m in my mid-50s, and I’m not so amazed by it anymore – I feel like I’m more attractive than I’ve ever been…

…and I’ve got decades of experience and confidence now.”


48 year old here. I wouldn’t say MORE desired, but maybe STILL desired.

Then again, I was married during my 20s and 30s and raising a family, so what do I know. I became unexpectedly single in my 40’s.

I find myself with a plethora of 24-30 year olds that are quite interested.

How do I know? Hooked up with some of them.

I dated a 24 year old last year that was hotter than I had any right to be with.

I am dating a gorgeous tall blonde 30 year old now, which gives us a 13 year difference.

This seems pretty workable. We’re both looking for the same things in life.

So all in all, it ain’t bad to be an older guy these days.”

Beautiful young women are yours for the taking… are you ready for all of this attention?

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All of this and more is included in my book, Romance to 120, and will help you stay ready for as many romantic encounters as you want…

…no matter how old you are, no matter how long it’s been…

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–Matt Cook