Why I’m doing these experiments on myself

Some people call me crazy…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I want to tell you about a man named Barry Marshall…

You’ve probably never heard of him — he’s an Australian physician and scientist

But you’ve probably heard of H. pylori, a bacteria that attacks the stomach lining and infects the gut.

Well Barry Marshall was convinced that H. pylori bacteria causes stomach ulcers — but no one believed him…

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So he needed a way to test it, to prove it to his colleagues…

And since it was illegal to test his theory on humans, he decided to drink the bacteria himself…

And in days, Barry Marshall developed stomach ulcers.

He then treated the ulcers with antibiotics and went on to win a Nobel prize for his work!

Crazy, right? Now everybody agrees that H. pylori causes stomach ulcers.

But if Barry Marshall wasn’t willing to take a risk and be his own guinea pig, who knows how long it would have taken for someone to figure it out.

Think about all those people who would still be suffering

And this is what motivates me to do the work I’m doing every day…

Researching different health problems, working with men one-on-one, doing my own Weekly Experiments on myself…

I’m constantly testing out new theories, new treatment methods, and new solutions for men’s health and sex problems.

And it’s amazing what I figure out by being my own test subject!

I’m able to make incredible new discoveries this way, and immediately share them with men like you.

So here’s something I want to try today…

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I want to offer you an All Access Pass to all of my work.

All of my discoveries, all of my Weekly Experiments, my monthly Transformations, everything I’ve ever done…

I want you to be able to access it all, whenever you need it, at your own pace. So you can get the most benefit out of it on your own terms.

And I’ll be available to help you at any time and offer advice!

I’m making this All Access Pass available for just $5 when you try out this solo activity that can help men in bed.

Just $5 and the All Access Pass is yours to try out. And you get access to it all, everything I’ve ever done.

Just go here to get started


–Matt Cook