Why guys keep messaging me about this video

It’s crazy how much attention this is getting

Hey, Matt Cook here, and a lot of guys have been sending me messages about the video I sent out a few days back…

…sharing a striking breakthrough formula that allows men to grow bigger down there naturally and safely…

The one shared with me by a Colombian smuggler who has a 12-inch d*ck!

See, I’ve made this formula my own…

I’ve perfected it and made it even easier. For most guys, it will start working immediately…

All you need is a few drops of this secret formula…

…and your member will start growing before your very eyes…

Just paint it on and watch it grow!

That’s all you have to do. Just paint a few drops onto your groin area and let the magic happen.

And better yet, this secret formula to getting a bigger, thicker member is 100% natural.

It uses safe ingredients that I have researched extensively and tested on myself.

It’s super potent, and you only need a little to see a BIG difference down there.

And believe it or not, this secret “paint it on and watch it grow” formula works by helping the body help itself.

And by that, I mean it uses things that are already in your body to give you bigger, better boners.

Have you heard of a special type of molecule called prohormones?

Prohormones are the molecules that form testosterone, DHT, and other important male androgens.

These prohormones stack together like building blocks to create new androgens in our bodies.

So the more prohormones men have, the easier it is for the body to produce testosterone, DHT, and other androgens.

And my formula safely supports this natural process.

It delivers more prohormones right to the source — the testicles — where the body uses those prohormones to create male androgens.

And it directs the body into making more male androgens faster.

And this is fantastic because research shows that men with higher androgen levels have fuller male members and better penile function.

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So not only can you be growing bigger, you can also be boosting your performance in bed…

Because these important male androgens give men a stronger sex drive and they can help you last longer with a woman.

And with my Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula, all you have to do is apply a few drops in the right place…

Because this is the place where the Leydig cells produce androgens like testosterone — right there in the testes.

And not only does my formula raise testosterone, it also lowers estrogen.

Too much estrogen is very bad for men. It counteracts the benefits of testosterone.

So my formula keeps estrogen low while raising testosterone and DHT.

You just paint it on, and in moments you are experiencing bigger, better boners that last much longer than ever before.

And today, you can get my secret Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula for FREE.

My publisher agreed to letting me give this away to the first 75 guys who want it today.

And I have a feeling that a LOT of guys are going to want to try this…

So don’t wait — discover how to paint it on and watch it grow for free right now.


–Matt Cook