Why doctors suffer more rockiness problems than other men

Man and medicines on a white background

Doctors are usually WORSE off than other guys and this is why


Hey, Matt Cook here, and this is the shocking reason why doctors suffer more rockiness problems than most:

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They over treat themselves medically…

Look: all men lose a little sensitivity as they get older…

But when you medically overtreat, the loss of sensitivity gets worse.

Then no more morning wood…and the descent into penile fibrosis where it’s more difficult to come back and have great partner sex again…

These treatments the doctors are taking and prescribing are actually resulting in worse rockiness problems.

It’s a simple story: Doctors consume their own treatments, and their rockiness problems get worse

Fortunately, over 48,000 men have found the solution…a surprising number of these men are themselves medical men!

Here’s what they’re doing to enjoy more sensitivity and great rockiness until very old age


–Matt Cook