Why am I feeling less and less “down there”?

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Contains graphic photos of desensitized vs. healthy penis in this email so DO NOT READ IT if that bothers you…

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I don’t quite remember the exact day it happened…


…but suddenly I realize I’m feeling less and less in my penis…

Less sensation…less pleasure…less sensitivity…

When I go to have sex with my wife, I can hardly feel anything — it’s like I’m numb down there.

I have to thrust harder and faster just to make it feel good, and even then, it’s not nearly as satisfying as it should be.

And for a while, I’m thinking it’s all in my head…maybe it’s my fault, something I’m doing…

…until I discover — it’s not just me suffering from a loss of sensation in my penis…

Believe it or not, most men lose 80 or 90% of their penile sensitivity by the time they’re 50 or 60 years old.

I’ve heard from tons of guys who get to be 50 or older and ask me…

…why they can’t be brought to orgasm when they’re inside their wife or girlfriend?

These guys say they grind away for 45 minutes or longer, and they’re still not feeling a lot in their penis.

Their wives and girlfriends get tired and sore inside, and the men just give up on reaching climax.

Sounds familiar, right? This was what was happening to me.

And some men even write to me asking why oral is such a big deal…

Because when a woman goes down on them, they hardly feel a thing.

They watch a girl’s mouth bob up and down on their penis, but it’s not feeling as good as it should.

They aren’t having these explosive reactions like they do on TV or in adult videos.

So men ask me: “What’s the fuss all about?”

And it’s because men are barely feeling anything anymore — the penis loses its sensitivity and they feel less and less.

Even when self-pleasuring, men with low penile sensitivity often have to use a death-grip just to feel any pleasure.

They have to stroke harder and faster and rougher just to produce some feeling.

And many men think this is normal — they have no idea that they should be feeling so much more pleasure and sensation than what they’re getting.

A lot of guys have no idea that it’s possible to feel orgasmic pleasurable feelings from just the lightest of touches.

This was me before I started this journey… and maybe it’s you too…

So many men don’t realize they are suffering from low penile sensitivity — and it’s not their fault.

See, I’ve discovered that the root cause of low penile sensitivity is something called keratinization.

Keratinization involves the thickening and hardening of the most sensitive parts of a man’s penis…

The penis doesn’t FEEL hard…but at a cellular level the nerves are not able to feel and transmit much sensation.

It’s like playing guitar with gloves on…or making love wearing 3 condoms!

And since doctors don’t know anything about this, men keep losing more and more sensitivity from keratinization and don’t even know it…

But I’ve been researching this issue…and I’ve found that keratinization is the reason for virtually ALL men losing penile sensitivity…

Problems like…

“…decreased sexual pleasure and lower orgasm intensity…more effort required to achieve orgasm” as one study puts it — sound familiar?

And being circumcised can accelerate keratinization and make penis sensitivity worse…

…but keratinization happens to all men both “intact” and circumcised. It’s actually very common.

It accumulates and the penile skin especially around the glans gets thicker and harder and we feel less and less.

Many medical issues make it worse…in this study, men with “rockiness” problems, and diabetic men had much lower penile sensitivity:

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And in this study, men with “rockiness” problems and men who come too fast or too slowly (grinding away and having difficulty reaching orgasm) have lower penile sensitivity:

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None of these studies showed the cause of loss of sensitivity though.

So I was investigating creams, and capsules and all sorts of supplements to find, “is there a way to reverse loss of penile sensitivity?”

And there wasn’t.

Until I started looking VERY far afield…exploring what some men had found to FIX their sensitivity problems.

And that’s when I saw the problem staring right at me.

The penis skin gets thickened and harder and you don’t feel as much. That’s keratinization.

How to tell you are suffering from keratinization?

Look very closely at the tip of your penis. If you have a foreskin, retract it a little bit.

You may need a magnifying glass.

Here is the tip of a penis that is healthy and NOT desensitized due to keratinization:

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Contrast this with the “normal” male penis that is suffering from low sensitivity from keratinization:

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Virtually all men who are circumcised show a lot of keratinization. Many men who are “intact” also suffer from it.

Keratinization happens gradually over time, until suddenly you wake up and realize you’ve lost almost all the feeling down there.

Plus, keratinization often causes “rockiness” problems in men…

And it makes sense — because if you’re hardly feeling anything in your penis, how are you supposed to get good rockiness?

It will be almost impossible to get a good, long-lasting boner when you’re suffering from keratinization and less sensitivity.

That’s why I’m working on a natural solution — something cheap, safe, and easy any man can use to return sensitivity to what it once was…

…maybe even increase sensation and pleasure to new levels that men have never experienced before…

If I can find a way to reverse the keratinization that’s taken place, I can restore the sensitivity that’s been lost.

And I know it can’t just be me who wants higher sensitivity in my penis…

So if you’ve noticed a loss of sensitivity in your member and are interested in getting it back and potentially even increasing sensitivity even more…

…then I’d love for you to go to this page and tell me about your situation…

We’re all brothers here, and you can stay anonymous if you choose.

Here’s how to let me know if you are interested in trying my solution for low penile sensitivity. 


–Matt Cook