What they aren’t telling you about viruses this season

Ill man with a hard flu at home.

And here’s what I’m doing OPPOSITE of all the “experts” to continue avoiding flus and viruses the natural way


Hey, Matt Cook here, and now more than ever, experts have it wrong when it comes to avoiding viruses.

My brother-in-law recently passed away and in my opinion, it wasn’t the virus — it was the doctors who were responsible…

I hear from many men who are worried about getting this virus and potentially ending up on a ventilator…a virtual death sentence.

And in fact, many people are walking around infected and don’t even know it.

The media says it’s only young people getting asymptomatic cases — but that’s not true.

The truth is that most men can resist this virus without needing doctors or medicines.

And do you know why this is?

It comes down to something called cytokines.

Cytokines are inflammatory chemicals that your immune system uses to fight a flu or virus off on its own.

However, the problem is that these cytokines can be dangerous…

When the immune system overreacts, it causes a cytokine storm.

And these cytokines can actually weaken the body and make you very ill, allowing the flu or virus to become worse.

So the key is to keep these cytokines in check — but how?

This is what I’ve been researching for months — the best way to calm the cytokine storm that may happen IF you get the virus.

And I’ve also been looking for ways to boost my immune system, so that my body naturally resists flus and viruses.

And that way, even if I am exposed, my immune system takes care of it.

And I don’t get symptoms and I don’t get sick!

And if someone I love does get sick, I want to know exactly how to help them get better at home…

…without needing a doctor, without needing expensive medications…

…without letting it get worse and turn into pneumonia and require hospitalization.

I want to have a natural protocol any man (or woman) can follow to control the cytokine response and bolster their immune system.

And ideally, I want to be able to use simple over-the-counter remedies and natural supplements to do this…

…inexpensive, trusted remedies that don’t have side effects and are safe to take.

So no matter what I may be exposed to, whether I’m around a sick person or not, I stay healthy.

And then I want to share what I’m doing with as many people as possible, so they can feel safe and protected no matter what.

Especially during this holiday season where everyone wants to be together and spend quality time.

So…this is what I’ve been working on…

I’ve been working on my very own Flu and Virus Protocol and I can’t wait to share it with you.

And most importantly, I want this to be free for you.

The only problem is clearing this with my publisher…

He’s so by the books; he always wants money coming in and nothing going out for free…


This is the time when men need this protocol the most — and I don’t want money to stand in the way.

So while I work on getting his permission to share everything I’ve discovered about preventing a cytokine storm and bolstering your immune system…

…and how I’m naturally resisting flus and viruses with a simple protocol anyone can do at home…

Let me answer another question I most often get that you may be curious about…

Men ask me all the time: “Should I get a flu shot?”

And I’m not a doctor — I can’t give you medical advice…

However, I can tell you what I think and why I think that…

So here’s why I never, ever get a flu shot — what all men should know


–Matt Cook

P.S. Keep an eye out for my next email, hopefully with the great news that I can share my new Flu and Virus Protocol with you for free. Stay tuned!