What men don’t know about performance anxiety

This is what changed everything for me in the bedroom

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Hey, Matt Cook here and I know all about performance anxiety, I know it well…

Because I had it REALLY bad.

And I’m working with 86 year old guys who have it, and 20 year old guys.

So it doesn’t respect age. And it doesn’t care if you have overcome it in the past or not.

And here’s the worst part: it gets worse and worse if you try to ignore it.

Man, it was so bad that my heart would thump in my chest when I even THOUGHT about doing it with her.

And I just *knew* that all this anxiety would prevent the li’l guy downstairs from doing much of anything.

The li’l guy simply retreated further…

So it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’d disappoint myself and my wife again and again.

Finally I found what’s working and keeping performance anxiety at bay for good — and weirdly enough, it requires your pointing finger…


–Matt Cook