What killed Toby Keith

Could it have been avoided?

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news about Toby Keith passing…

I don’t listen to much country music, but I can appreciate his talent. He was a massive star.

And to hear he passed at just 62 years old is very shocking…

He was apparently battling stomach cancer and undergoing treatment for it…

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And in just 2 years from diagnosis, he’s gone.

That’s the reality of cancer, sadly. And if even the millionaire mega celebrities can’t avoid it, who can?

Well here’s the thing about cancer that most people don’t know…

Cancer hates oxygen.

Oxygen is cancer’s nemesis — because if the cells are very oxygenated, they’re basically “cancer proof.”

Cancer can’t grow and spread in high oxygenated states.

And there happens to be one ordinary looking white powder that oxygenates the cells very quickly…

And it’s been shown to have the power to shrink tumors, prevent tumors, and stop cancer cells from spreading…

It’s massive, really. And yet nobody is being told about this white powder.

That’s why I’m spreading the word as much as possible.

Big Pharma may not want it to get out — because this powder costs so little and can be found at almost any store in the world…

But I want as many men to know about this cancer-fighting powder as possible.

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–Matt Cook