What is the 1 thing that men over 100 all eat everyday?

And here’s proof that you may need to be eating more!

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I spent years visiting Japan, Peru, Italy, Norway, Myanmar, and Russia to meet some of the oldest, healthiest men in the world.

And I’m writing down what all these men eat, what their daily routines are, where they work, and even how often they have sex with their wives.

They all just shrug their shoulders, because it all seems natural to them…

They have no idea that people their age are barely walking in the States.

So after a few years, I collect a whole spreadsheet of information about these long-living men…

And it all seemed random — it seemed like there wasn’t any ONE thing that these long-living, sex-having men did differently from you and me…

I mean, these men are not vegetarians. They regularly eat meat, even pork.

They are not physical fitness nuts…

NONE of them work out, and NONE of them do purposeful physical exercise.

They are often smokers…

And they often have sex with much younger women on a daily basis!

Then it hits me… there’s 1 thing that ALL of these men are eating every day…


–Matt Cook

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