Weird surprise benefit from my new prostate protocol

Hint: it feels really really good…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and when I perfected my new prostate protocol…

…I had NO idea it was going to start bringing me incredibly pleasurable sensations

Yes, you read that right…

This prostate protocol is super, super pleasurable to do.

It feels so, so good. I almost can’t describe it.

Here’s what other men are saying about using this prostate protocol…


“…I felt like I was tumbling in space; like I’d ascended to some astral plane far outside my body. It was the most blissful state I’ve ever known…

Even more surprising, my prostate, which had felt sore and inflamed just minutes before, suddenly felt much better.”

–Forrest A.


“I was introduced to wafts of pleasure — as in gentle breezes — that moved from wherever they started across my body.

The waves came accompanied by deep feelings of love and appreciation for my lover and best friend who is my wife.

So now I am at the place of being surprised by these little breezes that can come any time but usually the day after being with my wife in close intimate ways.

What an unintended consequence for both me AND my wife!”

–Brian O.


“Had me experiencing multiple Os in just a few minutes — the stimulation was overwhelming to say the least!

Definitely recommend this one for your toolkit!”

–Fred W.

And you can try my prostate protocol for free — discover how pleasurable this can be while healing your prostate


–Matt Cook