Warning for all men: these toilet paper brands are poisoning your prostate

Man in suit, businessman holding sticker in his groin area

What every man needs to know


Hey, Matt Cook here, and you may have heard that prostate problems are caused by DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) or too much testosterone…

I don’t think this is true at all. In fact, it’s a lie.

Testosterone and DHT can in fact fix prostate problems.

Look at this example of dramatically shrinking a prostate by administering 3 testosterone treatments:

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But something else, something terrible, is causing the epidemic of prostate problems.

Environmental toxins.

And a big one…did you know that your toilet paper can be a terrible cause?

And not just for causing you prostate problems, but leading to hair loss, rockiness problems, maybe even cancer…

Crazy, but 100% true.

Here are all the toilet papers that are hurting your prostate and literally poisoning your body every time you use them


–Matt Cook