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Hey, Matt Cook here, and Happy Friday to you!

I hope you’ve had as good a week as I have. It’s been so much fun going live this week and talking to you about testosterone.

If you missed it, I hosted a live T and Libido Workshop on Wednesday.

I put the replay here on this page — you can still go here to watch for free

But here’s the run-down of what we covered that all men should know right now…

Testosterone can be the greatest blessing of being a man, but only if it is high enough to do its job.

When you raise your testosterone and lower your stress hormones, you are going to feel a whole lot better.

You will have a higher, healthy libido, the ability to build muscle much faster and easier, a feeling of confidence, and better rockiness and orgasmic satisfaction.

The problem is that when you try to get extra testosterone, you end up with more estrogen.

And estrogen causes serious issues in men.

It kills your libido…

It causes prostate cancer or enlarged prostate…

…and all sorts of other symptoms in men, including cardiovascular diseases.

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The paper discussed some of the relationships between low testosterone and coronary heart disease.

The researchers highlighted the fact that low testosterone is clearly linked to an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.

This basically means you have no sex drive, no rockiness, lots of health risks, and sadly, no physical intimacy.

Yet doctors will simply inject men with huge amounts of testosterone and then nobody bothers commenting on the negative health repercussions.

That’s why over the years I’ve been developing a much better solution which I call the Prohormone Stack.

The Prohormone Stack basically forces your body in a safe, healthy way to create more testosterone and to lower estrogen.

The Prohormone Stack uses natural supplements that are available to anybody.

Then it works over a period of a few weeks to a few months giving your body a chance to adapt to the higher amount of testosterone.

I’ve had many many men report striking results with the Prohormone Stack already…

Gene L. says:

“Testosterone was increased from 300 to 900, and my PSA was .47

Matt, you have saved me from getting the “tube in Dr willie” operation.

Thanks is not enough.”

Elliot S. says:

“I tried Matt’s Prohormone Stack, and have had amazing results.

Not only is my body changing automatically, but I’ve noticed a definite difference in my rockiness.

Next, I’m going to follow his coaching for increasing penis sensitivity, length and girth, and teenage metabolism and obtaining raging sexual confidence.

Thank you Matt!”

Jim says:

“Matt, thanks again for putting this information out there. I am NOT taking the shots anymore.

I am slowly reaching my goal(s) through natural means.

My testosterone has gone up and my estrogen has gone down.

My weight has begun to come down as well.

I can’t remember when I started not having morning wood, but it seems like I was in my mid-twenties and I have begun to have morning wood again.”

And speaking for myself, I found that the Prohormone Stack helps build better rockiness and stronger libido, as well as stronger muscles.

I don’t work out anymore and I still have pretty good muscles.

There’s really no downside to the Prohormone Stack at all that I’ve been able to find. There’s only an upside.

And even if you’re taking medical testosterone right now, you may need to use a lot less testosterone — from 100mg or 200mg per week, to 35mg or 40mg per week, with much better results.

Always discuss these changes with your doctor first, of course.

I find most men are taking far too high a dose of testosterone.

They then need HcG injections, and an aromatase inhibitor such as anastrozole to keep the side effects down.

But all these other Big Pharma testosterone treatments have bad side effects.

I’ve found a way to use far less testosterone (if you even need testosterone at all), and to keep your big testicles (or even watch and feel them grow BIGGER), without using any dangerous injections or treatments.

And…using less testosterone means less estrogen in your body!

Most men taking testosterone replacement therapy have high estrogen and that leads to poorer rockiness and poorer performance.

When you use my Prohormone Stack, you probably won’t need medically administered testosterone.

But even if you do, you can bring the dose way down, and you can watch your estrogen levels decline rapidly…

…and feel your male member getting fatter and bigger and longer more often as rockiness quality begins increasing.

One of the many benefits of the Prohormone Stack is rockiness quality improves for most men.

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That’s because there are many other male androgens that are important to men and to good rockiness…

And the Prohormone Stack makes sure that all of the male androgens are good and high.

I can think of nothing better in terms of lowering estrogen, and raising testosterone than the Prohormone Stack.

So here’s what I want to offer you right now…

Since this T & Libido workshop was such a hit, I’ve decided to put together a small exclusive coaching group…

…where I’ll be working with men one-on-one to help them optimize their testosterone levels naturally.

Using the Prohormone Stack and my other tried-and-true tips for raising T and libido.

I’ve made the difficult decision to cap this little case study coaching group at 25 men

So I can give each man personalized attention and not spread myself too thin.

I’m only one man after all… and I’d love to coach every single one of you.

But I can only make time for 25 men as of now.

So if you want to join this T and Libido case study group and get personalized coaching from me, so we can start raising your T and raising your male drive…

…just go here to sign up while I still have spots left…

Once 25 men join, that’s it — I’ll have to close it. I hope you understand, and hope to see you there!


–Matt Cook