Use this 2-second change in focus to last 30 minutes tonight

Happy couple in bedroom enjoying sensual foreplay

For any man who wants to last longer in bed


Hey, Matt Cook here, and a huge part of my career as a health researcher has been spent looking for a way to last longer…

And not just that, but to figure out WHY men are having problems lasting.

A lot of guys think it’s because they feel too much down there and they’re too sensitive, so they come too soon.

But that’s not really the problem at all…

The real problem is tight pelvic floor muscles.

When the pelvic floor muscles are too tight in a man, he has less control over his climax.

They’re tight all the time, like an over stretched wire always ready to snap…

So as soon as a man feels any pleasure, he comes right away.

He can’t help it — it’s the overly tight pelvic floor muscles contracting on reflex.

So how do you fix it?

Luckily, it’s a lot simpler than surgery or medications or anything like that.

I’ve found this simple 2-second change in focus does the trick. It relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.

And it gives a man complete control over when he comes.

Here’s how to use this 2-second change in focus tonight to last 30 minutes or more in bed


–Matt Cook