Use my new Virus Protocol to fight COVID19

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Do this instead of waiting around to get sick

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been following the coronavirus outbreak very carefully…

And I’ve put all other projects on hold as I’ve been developing this Virus Protocol for people to use at home to stay healthy.

My Virus Protocol is a way to make your own luck, so you’re not spinning the viral wheel of chance.

With this information, you can proactively boost your body’s immunities to the virus and not just wait around to get sick.

Here’s everything you will discover with my free Virus Protocol:

  • Discover a cold medication that displays the most antiviral activity, even better than any viral treatment from Big Pharma. Here’s which med to get and how to take advantage of this powerful antiviral that you find at any store or online…
  • This ancient medication lowers cytokines and can save lives — plus it is a powerful antiviral and makes you feel better. This is exactly what you need to know to get the full benefits of this lifesaving med — and I’ll also show you how to avoid some of the pitfalls of this powerful over-the-counter medication…
  • How to double, triple, or even quadruple your natural immunity with this hormone-like vitamin. Find out how to dose it for maximum benefits, so that you feel better AND recover faster…
  • Find out how and when to start the Virus Protocol — this way, you can fight it off and suffer less than you do during an ordinary cold, BEFORE the virus has multiplied in your body… This is the best way to avoid a lengthy (and expensive) hospitalization…
  • Have you heard about how to use vitamin C in the way that Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling recommends? This special way of using both vitamin C and “Super C” crashes the viral load, allowing you to recover in hours instead of days or weeks. Discover which types of vitamin C to use, and which to avoid — and how to dose for success!
  • What to use if you get full-scale flu symptoms, so that you feel more comfortable and the fever and symptoms pass quickly…
  • …and MUCH more…

Note that I am not urging you to use this INSTEAD of medical attention!

I am suggesting you try this to avoid the NEED for medical attention, should you become infected.

Get your free Virus Protocol now >>> click here.


–Matt Cook



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