Try this 5 second testosterone surge

You’re feeling a surge of masculine energy flow through your body…just seconds from now…

Hey, Matt Cook here, and welcome to living the high T life.

As you notice how you’re walking with your chest out, back straight and head held up high…

…feeling that hardened turgid presence wherever you are…enjoying those “semis” that you missed for the longest time…

It’s as if you are a teenager again.

And suddenly you are the most confident man in the room.


You are swaggering to the cute girl like the hero of your own Western as she gazes up at you with awe, respect, and hunger for you and only you…

And all because your testosterone levels are higher than younger men’s…

…and you know you can satisfy a girl better than any of them.

Even after you come now, you remain rigid and continue servicing her and feeling waves of pleasure…

It’s what I call the high T life.

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Here’s the trick that skyrockets testosterone and lowers estrogen in men, enjoying the high T life that is the envy of much younger men


–Matt Cook

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