Transform your diet to eat more safe starch

Many studies show that safe starches are healthful, but bad starches are harmful.

Safe starches include sweet potatoes, yams, plantains, winter squash (spaghetti squash, acorn squash etc.) and even rice.

Bad starches include corn, wheat, and even quinoa and white potatoes.

The reason these are bad starches is that they contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

Grains contain gluten, harmful amounts of phytic acid, and harmful proteins called lectins.

When a man’s gut is inflamed (most of us), these bad proteins and chemicals enter the body and cause internal inflammation.

The result is that if you eat these bad starches, you run into a high risk of having ED, heart problems, prostate problems, high blood pressure and acid reflux.

But even if you consume safe starches, you want to transform them to make them even safer

You can get too much sugar too fast, by consuming even safe starches. The starch is transformed from your saliva and digestive processes into sugar. And the sugar causes a lot of harm.

This is what the glycemic index is all about. Higher glycemic index loads your bloodstream and your liver down with excess sugar from all that starch.

The safest way to eat even safe starches is through transforming them by how you cook them. This transformation lowers the glycemic index and makes safe starches even safer.

How to transform rice into a super safe starch

New studies show that how you cook safe starches makes all the difference. For instance, if you cook rice with butter or coconut oil in the water, the rice is transformed. The glycemic index drops by half.

If you have some rice leftover, even better. Refrigerate it, and eat it later. Even if you reheat it, the combination of the cooking in fat and the refrigeration transforms the rice and creates much more “super starch” from the ordinary starch in the rice.

How to transform that baked potato

You can transform a baked potato by adding a bunch of butter to it. Preferably use a good quality grass fed butter such as Kerrygold. The butter added to the potato slashes the potato’s starch absorption rate by half.

The lower glycemic index of potato with butter will slow down the absorption of the starch and make even a white potato much healthier.

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