This weird lens method gets HER initiating things in the bedroom

Re-invent love life with your partner.

Use this on your wife or girlfriend to get her instantly wanting sex


Hey, Matt Cook here, and in 2012, I held a private workshop showing married men how to use this weird lens method to get their wives more interested in sex.

A lot of these men had dead bedrooms at home…their wives had lost enthusiasm for sex a long time ago…

So they were skeptical…

But then these guys tried this weird lens method with their wives and girlfriends…

And they were BLOWN AWAY by how easy it is to create incredible instant attraction and arousal…

Being married for 37 years now, we again have desire and it also cuts the complaints and nudging-exactly as u explained.

Life is good now,

– Mike

My woman wants to suck my c**k a lot more.

She asks to suck it and tells me she wants it in her mouth.

In fact, the last several times I have taken the wife to the city, about a 30 minute drive, on the way home she is pulling at my pants and wanting to suck my c**k!

Thanks Matt!


– Keith W.

And now, after years locked up in the vault, I’m sharing this weird lens method for any man to use to have more intercourse with his wife or girlfriend… 


–Matt Cook

P.S. Single? This method works for you too — check it out here

One single guy, who’d rather remain anonymous, tried this method — and here’s what he said:

Well, I’ll be damned…

I did EXACTLY what you recommended, and it actually worked… Sort of

F**king genius. Got a lot of great responses.

And, just last night, this tattooed, pierced hipster chick came right over and f**ked me absolutely silly.




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