This special type of vitamin C improves penile blood flow

Use it to boost male rockiness and performance

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve developed a new, more powerful form of vitamin C that men are loving…

One of the biggest benefits is how it improves penile blood flow.

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It works by relaxing the blood vessels, so they stay wide-open and flexible for blood to flow through.

And this is great for male rockiness because it relaxes the little hair-thin blood vessels in the penile chambers too…

…so plenty of oxygen-rich blood can flood the chambers, giving you strong, powerful rockiness on command…

The better blood flow is down there, the better your boners will be.

And you can easily last 30 minutes or longer when you’re boosting penile blood flow this way.

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So why does it have to be my Super C and not just regular vitamin C?

Regular vitamin C doesn’t stay in the body long enough to be of any use to us.

We just pee it out. Our kidneys process it and away it goes.

But my new Super C stays in the bloodstream for HOURS, not minutes.

That’s how it has time to saturate all the cells and tissues, even the arteries in the penile chambers.

Try my new Super C for yourself – surprisingly it is free today 

Use it to boost rockiness and male performance, among many other benefits…


–Matt Cook

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