This shortens the refractory period for men

Shirtless men unbuttoning bra of seductive women on bed

So you can do it more often and feel more pleasure

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and you know the hangover us guys can get sometimes after intercourse?

Where we are left feeling drained of our sexual energy, our drive, our stamina…

When our sexual batteries are depleted and are taking too long to be recharged…

And then we have to wait hours, days, or even weeks to feel pleasure again?

That’s called the refractory period and for men, it can really suck!

Whereas with women, they can feel virtually endless pleasure all day

So what about us? What about men?

Are we basically doomed to only having one O per day, and then experiencing that refractory period…

…the hangover where we can’t get it up, and have to wait hours or days for our sexual batteries to recharge?

Well not for me. I refuse to wait or deal with this hangover anymore!

So I’m using this sneaky little method that takes just 5 minutes

And in 5 minutes, I can enjoy amazing, pleasure-filled hours without dealing with the hangover.

I am just as full of desire for my wife Jodi after a 5-minute Endless Arousal play session than I was before.

And I am always ready to do it again, and again… and again

Check this out — I think you’ll find this very, very useful…


–Matt Cook