This secret body heat molecule can extend life by decades

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It’s a natural molecule and it can work in as little as 3 days


Hey, it’s Matt Cook, and most men have too low a body temperature.

In fact, the entire population’s body temperature is declining:

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And here’s why that’s a bad thing…

Based on little-known research…the healthier you are as you age, the HOTTER your body temperature.

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In this study, people in nursing homes were frail and cold.

People of the same age living on their own were much WARMER.

This has led me to study the effects of metabolic rate on aging.

And simply put,

…the faster your metabolic rate, the slower you age.

A healthy metabolism should run fairly hot.

Not fever hot, but in the high normal range of human body temperature.

If you aren’t running hot enough, it’s likely that you are having health problems.

You might have problems keeping off weight.

You might have rockiness problems.

You might have prediabetes.

It’s all related.

Lower body temperatures are often an indication that something is wrong.

Luckily, that is something that you can fix fairly easily, thanks to this one body heat molecule…

In fact, men like George Bush, Rod Stewart, and Joe Piscopo have been secretly taking this weird molecule for years.

And now you can take it too — here’s how


–Matt Cook