This one food protects the gut from bad fats

Man eating seafood at the restaurant

Is pizza the new health food?

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Hey, it’s Matt Cook here, and there are certain delicious foods that men are eating…

And unfortunately, these foods are leaving behind a filthy residue in our guts every time we eat them.

These foods leave behind bad fats that clog up our guts and intestines…

And when your intestines are covered with this bad fat, the body stops refining and using sugar…

And it starts piling up as glycogen, which can really mess up not just your gut, but your liver and metabolism too.

It can even cause diabetes.

And worse yet, if you let too much of these bad fats pile up in your gut, it can spread down to your male member…

And that’s awful for rockiness. These bad fats basically stop up blood flow and make getting good rockiness really difficult.

Luckily, there’s this one special food I’ve found that can stop this rapid gut deterioration.

That way, you can keep enjoying the foods you love (in moderation of course), without having to worry about these bad fats.

This one special food can actually reverse the effects of these bad fats on our health and male performance — and it’s cheap and easy to get


–Matt Cook