This one bathroom habit is killing men’s natural testosterone

Hygiene and body care. Closeup of person rinsing hands in modern design bathroom at home. Man washing male hand with soap and water under faucet.

You probably do it at least once a day, maybe even twice a day…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve discovered something men are doing in that bathroom that is very bad for testosterone…

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Almost every guy does it.

And it seems safe. It seems hygienic.

But in reality, this simple bathroom habit is exposing men to dangerous toxins that slip in the bloodstream and travel down to the testicles…

They seep into the testicles and shrink the Leydig cells that create testosterone.

And this leads to low T, which brings on all kinds of unwanted health problems…

…like heart disease, belly fat, rockiness problems, even prostate cancer.

But this cheap little powder I’ve discovered — it acts like a shield against these toxins.

Just a pinch will go into your bloodstream, and naturally defend your cells and organs from the toxins.

And it’s as safe as can be. It’s an old natural remedy people have been using for hundreds of years…

Here’s the cheap little powder you need to protect your testosterone levels from this one bad bathroom habit


–Matt Cook