This new technique keeps my sex life steamy after 30 years

Cute couple cuddling in bed in their room

Women AND men love this


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I wanted a way to keep the bedroom passionate and steamy…

But my wife Jodi doesn’t have a high drive and doesn’t feel as I do.

Most people would give up. They’d resort to toys, or prostitutes, or affairs.

But you know me, the Cookster, I’m not like that.

So now Jodi and I have congress 4 or 5 times a week for 30 minutes or more and it’s STEAMY.

Married over 30 years.

And it’s not that I’m some sort of stud. I’m not.

But it’s because we aren’t doing it the way everyone else does it…

When you use my Steam Technique…

  1. “Rockiness” issues are GONE — they are literally IMPOSSIBLE
  2. You’ll be getting more sex than ANY of your friends
  3. You’ll be getting more than ANY of your co-workers
  4. You’ll be setting an example for your family — you have the relationship everyone else is jealous of and dreams of having

Here’s how to use my Steam Technique for free.


–Matt Cook