This new shower method made little Timmy grow by 1 inch

“About 1 inch and wider girth…”

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been working with “Matt’s Guinea Pigs” to test out this new shower method…

And one man, let’s call him “Timmy”…

Timmy wasn’t getting morning wood for a long time, but thought nothing of it.

He thought he was just getting older and that morning wood was only for young men.

And it wasn’t until Timmy began struggling to get rocky with a woman that he realized he had a problem…

So he tried the usual tricks.

Andy tried Big Pharma treatments, he tried various herbs and supplements…

But they only worked temporarily if at all.

And they left Timmy with awful side effects like headaches and joint pain.

So Timmy was stuck — he didn’t know what to do.

His doctor was telling him this happens to a lot of men around this age and to just “get used to it.”

But Timmy didn’t want to get used to it….

He’s only in his 60s, and that means he should have decades of intimacy ahead of him…

Luckily, he stumbled onto this new Shower Method of mine…

And Timmy started using this shower method for himself.

Day by day, Timmy’s rockiness was returning with strength and power.

By Day 5, Timmy was waking up with morning wood again — for the first time in YEARS!

By Day 9, Timmy was noticing he was bigger and thicker down there…

And by Day 14, Timmy was getting stiff as a metal pole and lasting 20 minutes with a woman!

And although this story includes composites of different students, this is the actual case study in his own words:

I can tell you this method is awesome. I am 6__ next Sunday, and I was having problems with the little head.


All the will in the world, and all the commercial stuff I tried from the doctor, stopped working.


Most of the ones that worked for a time, gave me searing headaches, and all the NO and Horny goat Weed and stuff stopped working.


I tried Cialis and Kamagra and some sildenafil, and it worked for a while, and then that also didn’t work.


As you say in your courses, the side effects are so bad, and cause even more issues.


Now I do this method consistently, and there are some false starts, but not anymore.


And Timmy has grown — seems about 1″, and wider girth.


It’s not porn size – but the ladies are having fun…and me too.


Thank you for everything!

And it’s easy what Timmy is doing — it’s just a simple stroking activity you do in the shower… 

And it can double, even triple, penile blood flow and restore rockiness fast, even if it’s been years.


–Matt Cook

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