This may be why so many men are getting swollen prostates

It has to do with testosterone… but it’s not what you think…


Hey, I’m men’s health researcher Matt Cook, and most men have annoying pee problems and prostate issues because of something called aromatization.

Aromatization is when the body turns too much testosterone into estrogen.

When too much aromatization is happening, estrogen levels rise and make the prostate swell up.

The Big Pharma cartel has kept men in the dark…insisting that prostate inflammation has to do with male androgens, like high levels of DHT and testosterone.

But I think there is ample evidence that it is high estrogen responsible for prostate inflammation…

…and that is why as we get older, we tend to get prostate issues as our estrogen is HIGHER with age.

The problem is too much estrogen and not enough testosterone.

Prostates do not swell up from testosterone

For instance, I’ve found men with higher testosterone levels have smaller, healthier prostates.

They pee like racehorses and they perform excellently with their wives and girlfriends.

The key is stopping aromatization from happening so rapidly.

And I’ve found a really simple way to do that and it shrinks the prostate down to normal size fast.

Here it is — how to slow down aromatization and prevent a swollen prostate and get rid of annoying pee problems in 2 weeks or less


–Matt Cook