This makes you stiffer than a baseball bat

Workplace romance of handsome men and women in university.

…and I’m getting morning wood EVERY morning, just like when I was a teenager…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and when I was in high school, I had no problem getting stiff at a moment’s notice…

A hot girl could bend over in class and I would be hiding my boner under the desk for the next hour!

But eventually, as I got older, I started losing my stiffness…

I started wondering…

  • Is it because I’m drinking too much?
  • Too much stress?
  • Not enough sleep?
  • My diet?

What is it that’s keeping me from enjoying the same firm, solid, long-lasting “rockiness” that I used to enjoy as a young man?

I discovered the answer…and I found something that can bring back the kind of boners you had in your 20’s…


–Matt Cook