This made my member bigger – Steve

“My member is so much bigger, I don’t recognize it”

Hey, Matt Cook here, and this is what a man named Steve recently sent me after trying VasMax:

“I came to Matt because I felt like I had lost all sensitivity in my penis. I would see something exciting and nothing would happen down there.

I could get [rocky] after a while but it took way too much work.

I think I found Matt through an affiliate I was also following for the same problem. It was clear to me right away that Matt was different.

He was honest and straightforward.

He had really gone through all the relevant studies and did a tremendous amount of experimentation on himself so he knows what to recommend.

I appreciate that self sacrifice because I know not all experiments go well.

Well I’m combining about three of his techniques from his VasMax course and I’m already getting sensation down there and [rockiness] is happening in the morning and without a lot of effort.

Side benefit: my non-erect penis is so much bigger I don’t recognize it. This is after about 2 weeks.

I REALLY got into the exercises so I don’t know if it would happen for another person as fast.

But stuff will definitely happen as these are very powerful techniques.

As someone looking to get back into the dating scene after a divorce, I’d say this has really skyrocketed my confidence.

It’s like a huge weight has been lifted.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.”


Here’s what Steve is doing — my VasMax breakthrough for men


–Matt Cook