This is the only prostate remedy that has me peeing like a racehorse

And I’m sleeping through the night — no more getting up 3, 4, 5 times a night to use the bathroom…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve found old, proven, safe remedies that when used in a unique way…

…lower prolactin and estrogen levels which inflame a man’s prostate.

These remedies act like an aromatase inhibitor — so they stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

This way, men can have high testosterone and low estrogen levels, which reduces the risk of prostate problems…

And even gives a man a boost in bed!

I call this breakthrough the Prostate Shrinking Machine.

But it does much, much more than just shrink a man’s prostate down.

Many men experience extra benefits in the bedroom like a higher libido and more stamina…

In fact, here are all the benefits men can experience using my free Prostate Shrinking Machine:

  • Helps lower estrogen and prolactin levels
    • Men with inflamed, swollen prostates often have high estrogen and high prolactin levels. If left untreated, this can turn to prostate cancer.
    • Using this protocol, men can start lowering estrogen and prolactin levels at home right away for quick relief from prostate symptoms.
  • Can shrink the prostate
    • Many men, by the time they’re 50 years old, have a prostate the size of a lemon, when it should be the size of a walnut!
    • Lowering estrogen and prolactin this way usually allows the prostate to shrink down to its normal size. So in other words, prostate inflammation goes away!

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  • May reduce the frequency of having to pee
    • Most men with inflamed, swollen prostates suffer from a near-constant urge to urinate. They are forced to look for a bathroom everywhere they go, and have to keep missing out on their life because of prostate problems.
    • However, using this protocol, many men find quick relief from the constant urge to pee. Since I’ve been using this protocol, I’ve not been going to the bathroom nearly as often.
  • Helps men fully empty their bladder when peeing
    • Another prostate symptom many men suffer from is not being able to fully empty their bladder when urinating. They have the urge to pee… only when they get there, only a dribble of pee comes out…
    • Now men can find faster relief using this protocol and hopefully be able to start emptying their bladder more and more, until the stream is full and strong again.

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  • Can improve sleep quality
    • Many men suffering from prostate inflammation wake up 3 or 4 times a night to pee. This constant sleep interruption can really take its toll on men’s health, and even hurt bedroom performance…
    • Using the Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol, I’ve been sleeping so much better throughout the night. I rarely get up even once to use the bathroom. And I have so much more energy and stamina now that I’m sleeping through the night.

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  • Boosts most men’s libido
    • The remedies I use in this protocol often increase a man’s sex drive. So men start feeling more horny, almost like a teenager again…
    • My wife is THRILLED by how much desire I have for her now. She says it’s like when we first met — I want to jump her bones all the time! And it’s true. My libido is much higher now, thanks to this.
  • May lower the refractory period for men
    • The refractory period is the amount of time it takes a man to get “rocky” again after coming.
    • Using this protocol, many men find they can do it two or even three times in a single night. And their wives and girlfriends are awfully happy about it too!

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  • Often reduces anxiety in men
    • As an added bonus, the safe, proven remedies I use in the Prostate Shrinking Machine protocol often reduce anxiety levels in men.
    • So if you’ve been stressed out by work, current events, your relationship, or something else, you may find yourself feeling a lot less anxious and more relaxed once you start using this protocol for your prostate.

Try my Prostate Shrinking Machine and start peeing like a racehorse again and sleeping soundly through the night


–Matt Cook