This is one of my weirdest discoveries

And it’s also one of my favorites! Here’s why…

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I’ve found a way to reduce the refractory period men experience after ejaculations…

And this way, I can come more and enjoy more pleasure.

No waiting around. No “recharge” necessary.

I can keep enjoying that orgasmic feeling for hours, even all day if I want.

And it works in just 45 seconds.

And another weird benefit? It is really, really good for the prostate.

While feeling really good too.

Here’s how to hotwire your pleasure centers for more O’s and more pleasure


–Matt Cook

“I thank you for helping me understand that orgasm, and ejaculation are separate.

Thus, your contention that one can have lots of orgasms one right after another is true — and simply amazing to put it mildly.

Thank you for all you do.”