This Hormone Gets Rid of ED (and you don’t need to buy it)


hotgirlHere is an amazing way to avoid anxiety and stress around sex.

The Dopamine track.You know how you’ve heard me discuss the two tracks that we can be on.

And the Oxytocin track.

I’ve talked a lot about the Oxytocin track with you — about the way it makes us feel closer, more connected, more loving.

Oxytocin creates long-lasting erections. And it creates a feeling of “having it all” and being happy where you are.

Oxytocin is the best.

But we also need Dopamine.

We just don’t want to be on the Dopamine track exclusively — we want a balance.

The Dopamine track is the track where we always WANT something.barimage

Dopamine is the hormone in our brain that creates want. Wanting a glass of water. Wanting that third glass of wine. Or wanting that woman in the bar.

We need Dopamine or we can’t get out of bed in the morning. But Dopamine causes us to feel stressed out and anxious too. When we get what we want, we instantly want more. We want the NEXT thing.

A Dopamine driven life is stressful, fretful and no fun

That’s how most of us live all the time, every day. In a constant state of Dopamine driven lust for something new, something novel, something different.

Every time we check our Facebook or email, we are getting a little spurt of Dopamine that is driving us to check for something new and exciting.

But remember, what follows Dopamine is depressing and anxious. It’s a let-down. Always.

So here’s the best tip of all for today. Sometimes I wake up thinking about buying something — a new car, or a new gizmo.


I research it on the iPad, and I lust after that new thing.

And later on in the day, or the next day, I feel really depressed and anxious.

I’ve noticed this pattern now for many years.

And I’ve had a lot of students confirm it with me — that they have observed the same thing.

So if you want to be happy and contented — and who doesn’t — then you want to AVOID looking at new gizmos to buy. And you want to AVOID lusting after her “too much.”

(Guys into fetishes and such are leading a real yo-yo life emotionally…fetishes and stuff like bondage are EXTREMELY Dopamine driven, and therefore result in a LOT of emotional anxiety and depressed feelings.)

In general, if you are really excited and observe yourself getting excited about something, that’s Dopamine kicking in.

excited-girlsAnd after that Dopamine rush, later in the day, you’ll have a huge letdown and anxious and stressful period.

Just expect it — and deal with it.

I suppose this is why women always are moody — they are lusting after shoes and then get the post-Dopamine letdown. LOL. Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway, back to you — observe how lusting after things and women results in that post-Dopamine depressed and anxious feeling…once you see the cause-and-effect, you can lust after her, or it, less….and live a happier and more balanced day.

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