This fixes penile sensitivity problems you don’t realize you have

What I finally discovered that has helped more than anything

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and it’s very common for me to hear complaints from guys like…

“Matt, I make love to my wife and I grind away and can’t seem to come. She says that she’s getting sore and she wants to do something else.”

Wives have reported the same thing to me:

“He grinds away…my girl parts hurt the next day…I get tired of it and just want him to finish.”

This is a very common story, and there’s a phrase for this called delayed ejaculation.

This is a symptom of loss of sensitivity.

There are many reasons for loss of sensitivity or desensitization and it is probably the #1 cause of rockiness problems.

I was fortunate enough to discover a solution to this sensitivity issue.

And now every day, I’m using this simple practice. Go here if you want to start doing it yourself.


–Matt Cook