This cleans penile chambers — men reporting this striking effect

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Penile blood fat kills rockiness — fortunately this brings it back


Hey, Matt Cook here, and most men have a lot of blood fat clogging their penile chambers.

This blood fat comes from certain foods we eat, from exercising the wrong way, from pollutants in the environment…

And as soon as it enters our bodies, it starts building up in all kinds of places…

In the liver, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys.

Even the prostate and the penis.

And when blood fat builds up in the penis, rockiness starts to suffer…

Men may notice they’re not as rocky as they used to be.

They may not last as long…

Some men are not even getting rocky at all anymore.

And it’s because blood fat causes inflammation in the arteries, making them narrower.

So blood flow gets worse and worse.

And that’s what really hurts rockiness — but it all starts from blood fat.

That’s why I’m using Fat Block to wash away all the blood fat.

It’s a simple drink I sip throughout the day, and it naturally cleans out the penile chambers.

And it’s giving my rockiness a major boost. I even think it’s helping me look bigger down there!

Here’s how to use Fat Block at home to wash the penile chambers clean from blood fat and bring great boners back.


–Matt Cook