This 7 minute method oxygenates the member, makes it bigger

Cropped close-up photo of satisfied confident cool guy demonstrating pointing on his he organ in pants trousers isolated grey background.

This is like the Heimlich maneuver for your member


“Help! He’s choking!” his girlfriend shouts…

I’ll never forget that day in the restaurant…

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I look over to the table next to me and see a man turning purple in the face, desperately clawing at his throat.

Without even thinking, I’m jumping up and rushing to the man’s side to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

It takes two tries, and I can feel and hear him take these enormous breaths.

Finally, he can breathe again. And so can everybody else in the restaurant.

Matt Cook here, and believe it or not, the male member can be choking for air too.

In fact, lack of oxygen down there is the cause of almost all rockiness problems in men.

And you may be thinking, “Matt, I’m breathing plenty of air.”

But what counts is how much oxygen actually reaches your penile tissues, your prostate, and your testicles:

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The more oxygen men get down there, the bigger and better things are in bed…

So I started coming up with a method that can bring men more oxygen down there…

And I’m proud to say it works… in as little as 7 minutes…

This method can double the amount of oxygen reaching the penis.

And the results are ginormous!

This blows your member up like a balloon.


–Matt Cook