This 2 second technique lets a man last as long as he wants

Easily last 30-60 minutes every time you have sex

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and think about what it must have been like back in the caveman days…

Do you think those guys ever cared about how long they lasted with a woman?

Probably not, right?

They were too busy trying to survive and populate the species.

And that’s how I stumbled onto this big breakthrough about lasting longer…

And it has to do with a biological reflex that all men have that dates back to the caveman days…

And this biological reflex causes a man’s pelvic floor muscles to tighten up…

And THIS is what is making men come quickly during intercourse…

It’s NOT about feeling too much or having too much sensitivity down there.

It all comes back to this biological reflex — which any man can easily control…

It’s kind of incredible really…how something so quick and so simple could reverse a decades-long problem for so many men.

It’s just a simple little 2-second technique I call the ProLONG Protocol.

And it works by allowing you to hit the override button on this reflex and gain more control.

So instead being a slave to this reflex, you become the master.

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You gain total control over when you come, so you can last longer in bed — all thanks to this 2-second technique.

And with this method, lasting becomes effortless for you…

You don’t have to sacrifice pleasure or fun, or do anything strenuous.

And before you know it, you are pleasuring your wife or girlfriend the way she has been wanting to be pleasured for so long.

You can stroke and stroke and stroke… and still you don’t come!

You can keep stroking for as long as you want.

Until she is begging you for a break because it just feels so good!

Discover the 2-second technique here


–Matt Cook